08 August, 2019

13 nights out around Sardinia...

During my long experience living abroad I was often asked if there was anything that I was missing about Sardinia, my homeland. Of course, the list was long however I was also enjoying so much my life that what I was missing was obviously compensated by something else, often new and completely different that made everything else disappear.

Since we moved back to Sardinia, in March 2019, I started again enjoying some little things that I had somehow forgot, and slowly I realize that there was something that indeed was missing…travelling around the island, and sleeping outdoors in a tent camp!

05 July, 2019

One year of silence...what happened?

I can't believe I haven't written anything for more than 12 months! This really makes me understand how life run fast, so fast!

So what happened in between?!

If I think about it for a moment too many things pop-up in my mind.

09 May, 2018

Travelling, Working & Surfing in Tenerife...

Even though I am often complaining about my 9 to 6 office routine, I must admit that working for a large travel company it often gives the opportunity and the advantages to do things, which I would probably not be able to do instead.

One of this is obviously travelling.

Recently I was asked to fly to Tenerife to give a 5 days training session to our operations teams diluited in 2 working weeks and flying back and forth from Palma.

20 January, 2018

Sunshine, nenes y Pollo Amarillo...

A few days ago Ivan Guardia, an active mallorquin local climber, did a great job updating names and grades of  a sector called C´as Catalá, and sharing it on the facebook group Escalada en Mallorca.

Almost immediately a discussion about the notorious route Pollo Amarillo fired up.

Pollo Amarillo is relatively short route initially graded 6C+ that offers nice movements on ergonomic holes on its initial part, followed by a very hard session on painful small crimps that leads to the anchor.

I personally tried this line right before Xmas and I was badly kicked out. 

07 January, 2018

Climbing results in 2017: 21 routes from 7a to 7b+

2017 has just finished and it is impossible not to make a balance of this first year in Mallorca.

Taking into account the mere aspect of climbing, which as usual makes everything else look almost irrelevant, I would say that the most important trait of my climbing experience has been fired up by the idea of start taking note of each route I climbed.

I know this sounds a bit silly, however following the suggestion given by Sergi Flash, a local climber I often climbed with, I understood how important this routine is in terms of self-motivation.

18 July, 2017

Growing older, becoming wiser, climbing harder!

I can´t believe in less than one month I will be turning 40, yet I am so proud of it!

I am proud because so far I have been able to juggle with life without dropping the balls a single time, or if you prefer I have been climbing on sight a multi-pitch with no rests!

If I stop a second and I watch back I see my life full of great experience and most of them have been somehow connected with climbing.